Forwarding hope and a homeless bag

I have been seeing families begging for money in King Soopers' parking lots more often in the last couple of years. I usually have what I call homeless bags in my car. A Ziploc bag with water and snacks and list of places to go to get help in the area with phone numbers, plus bus fare. There are bags in the office at church, though I also make my own. I usually give them a bag or two and explain about the list. So when I got my LoveForward envelope, I waited until I saw a family with a broken down mini van and a sign at King Soopers. They were a young couple with three small children, one of them a baby. I only had one homeless bag (I wish I had two) to give them. The two little girls grabbed the bag and started fighting over who got what. I gave the young woman the envelope and explained where it came from. She smiled and thanked me all the while rocking her baby boy who was maybe a month old. I hope it helped get them wherever they were going.

-- anonymous