Blessing and feeding the animals

Our daughter-in-law is in charge of the Gilpin County Food Bank, which gives out food every Thursday to needy people. As per her suggestion, we bought cat litter and dog and cat food to donate as these are things they cannot buy with food stamps. She gave these things out personally to people she knew really needed these extra items.

The following are three of the written comments she received:

"Wow, cat litter? That is a huge treat and savings. I can't believe you have it at the food bank. You are saving us so much money this month. We can now spend more on necessities for our family."

"Thank you for always providing for our fur babies."

"We were never able to have kids so our kids are our two dogs and three cats, and we can't even afford to get nice food for them. You provide us with quality food and sometimes even cat litter. Thank you."

-- Jan and Dick Josselyn