Blessings, Buddhism and Beatrice

My friend Benjamin gave me the envelope of money. Today, I was locked out of my car at the Lafayette Library and I looked across the street and saw a woman and her four children on the corner. She was holding a sign. After the locksmith came, I wandered over to chat with her. She was very kind and asked if I was a Mother. I said I was a grandmother. I asked each of the children their names. Her name was Beatrice. Her story was that she had moved from Kansas City but before that lived in the Middle East. She's been looking for a job and needed money for a motel. When I handed her the envelope and explained that it was love from a church in the area and that she could either keep it or give it away.

She asked if I was Christian and I told her I was Buddhist. She wanted to know the difference. I said we follow Buddha as our teacher and it is another name for God. She nodded and said she is Christian. She looked at it quizzically, opened it, and found that it contained $30. She seemed very pleased. She kissed my hand before I left. Later, as I drove out of the parking lot, she waved. I handed her another $10 and she shook her head, no. I insisted and wished her the best. She bowed as we parted.

I love the idea of loving it forward. I feel blessed that most of the people in my life are living within their means. The last time around I gave it to my cousin, who was touched. She is still very much in need, but I felt drawn to give it to Beatrice today.

-- anonymous