For a father and his family

Today I gave Joel the gift. He is a new friend of our family who is a Latino contractor. He told me today, "I love working with your family because you are so nice. Joel has 4 children and is divorced. He makes $25 an hour as a drywaller. He pays alimony and shared that his little daughter calls him all the time for money. She asked last weekend for money for a Barbie doll. His young adult daughter lives here and her car breaks a lot and he fixes it after work. He lives in the trailer park on Colfax where some other Hispanic friends of ours live. He hugged me with a dear smile as I told him the story of Allan and Michelle giving him their wedding gift money. I will open a dialogue about Christ with him next weekend when he continues to help our daughter and son-in-law landscape their yard. We all work alongside Joel - Glenn was a contractor so he humbly helps make the work easier for him. Joel is a new friend of our family. We are praying for him and his family. The opportunity to be a good neighbor to him will continue to unfold. 

-- Barbara Moore