Candy and toothless smiles

I first met him outside of the 7-Eleven near my kid’s school. He didn’t ask for money. Just stood there looking very sad and alone. His baggy britches and face reminded me of my grandpa. I bought him a candy bar and handed it to him as we left. You would have thought I had handed him a sirloin steak. Then I noticed that he didn’t have most of his teeth and wondered how he would get through the nuts and caramel. I didn’t see him again for awhile but thought of him often. Then I got $5 from Love Forward. I kept looking for him every day when I’d go by the school. Finally yesterday I saw him on the curb with his cardboard sign and a crutch. I pulled over and asked him his name. “Bob,” he said. “Here you go Bob,” I said, handing over the bill. “I hope you have a blessed day.” He smiled a toothless smile and said, “Oh, thank you so much.”

-Kristin Kidd