The 'Who Cares?' Ministry

Mission Statement: Serving God by caring for those within our church and community who are in temporary need.
Intent: The intent of Who Cares? is to encourage and help our parish and community to care for one another.

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'Who Cares?' is for St. Paul parishioners and community members on a case-by-case basis. This ministry is for those in transition and is not meant to be a permanent solution for an on-going issue or need. Ministries provided may include meals, transportation, and remembrances for the home-bound.

So who is the Care and Concern Ministry? In short, the answer is "all of us." Who Cares? is just one way for us as a community to live out our pastoral responsibility to each other. Each Sunday we affirm that "We will, with God's help…nurture God's people." This ministry helps us to live out this part of our mission statement more fully.

So what happens once you sign up?  An example would be if meals are needed for someone who has had surgery.  If you had indicated you would be willing to provide a meal, a coordinator would call asking if you would be able to do this for a certain day.  If for some reason you can not help, you can pass and will be called next time. It’s that simple.

Besides signing up for providing care, another important way you can participate is to be part of the Who Cares? Board. This board consists of 3 members: the administrator, 1 coordinator and 1 future coordinator. The coordinator position is a 6 month duty.  This person coordinates volunteers for services needed. After 6 months, the coordinator would step down, and the future coordinator would become the coordinator and someone new would be asked to join the board as a future coordinator.  The board would schedule to meet based on need.