2.11.17 - Choose

How will you choose to live your life? How will you share that with others?

2.4.17 - Courage to love forward

It's hard to step across the divide and into relationship with those who are different than us.

1.27.17 - Love, not judgement

Let's trust - not in God's judgement of us, but in God's love for us.

1.15.17 - Grace in the new year

In the new year, commit ourselves to letting grace be the context for our lives.

12.25.16 - Be still and receive Christmas

Take a moment to receive the light of Christmas this year, then spread that light to others.

12.16.16 - The soft glow of Christ

At this time of year, the soft glow of the Christmas story shows us compassion and gives us warmth. 

12.9.16 - Be patient and wait

As Christmas quickly approaches, is all this waiting just a waste of time?

12.2.16 - Hope

Hope for this busy, loud world comes in the quiet, fragile moments.