Today's recording begins with a comment before the reading of the Gospel. My remarks are by way of context and to suggest a different way of hearing the Gospel. Thanks for listening. 

I used a line from the song "Sacred Yard" by singer-songwriter Mitch Barrett with harmonies by Melody Youngblood. They were performing at Little Tree Acoustic House Concerts in Lafayette. Thank you to Mitch & Melody and to Little Tree for bringing live music in an intimate setting to the metro area. To find out more about Little Tree visit or Mitch Barrett visit

A note the August 12th sermon. I misspoke and got the names mixed up. There are four main characters in the story: King David, his oldest son Amnon, and his son and daughter Absalom and Tamar. Amnon is the one who raped Tamar, his half sister. Absalom, her full brother, is the one who avenged her by killing Amnon.

I am really sorry about the gap in audios here. We had some technical difficulties and I was out of town a couple of weeks. But please know that the sermons I was not able to record were some the best ones I've ever preached. :) Thanks for listening. God bless you all. Allan+

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