The title of todays sermon is taken from a song by hip-hop artist Mos Def called “Priority.” You can listen to it on Spotify here, or on YouTube here.

Today I mention the song “Relatively Easy” by singer songwriter Jason Isbell from his album Southeastern. You can hear him play it live at the Bluebird in Denver here.

YouTube video for “We Know How to Do This!” coming soon! Stay tuned!


We’re starting to share my sermons a little differently so that people can share and find specific sermons. I’ll still upload onto the website, but now, in addition, our Media Ministry will be posting video versions on our St. Paul’s Social Media YouTube channel. Check out “I Accept That” on YouTube by clicking the link here.


I have no idea where the parking lot transaction between our parishioner and the poet took place. Nor do I know how much the poet sold his art for. You can read the text of the poem below. You can also read it and other LOVEFORWARD stories here.

by RA Rizzy
I cry blood because God shed blood and cry for me.
So faithful and true I would be
I give thanks and fall on my knees
He give me the strength to keep going
to allow me to breathe.
I cry blood for each and every day
I encourage y’all to pray.
Through the pain and struggles, the struggles
and the pain
Alwayz remember
God will always remain
I cry blood

This morning I mention the collaboration of UK & Irish artists known as Band Aid. Their song Do They Know It’s Christmas was released in December 1984 to worldwide acclaim. The song raised over £8 million for famine relief in Ethiopia. The endeavor was followed by the collaboration of mostly American artists called United Support of Artists for Africa (USA Africa). Its 1985 song We Are the World raised over $100 million for famine relief in Africa. The multi-band concert Live Aid raised over $127 million for relief in Africa.

This morning, when speaking about contemporary prophetic voices, I mentioned lyrics from the song “Facts” by hip-hop artist Lacrae. You can find the song on YouTube here or on Spotify here.

The title of today’s sermon was inspired by a story told to me by The Rev. George Stapleton, a southerner whose long-spanning ministry in the American Baptist Church is full of the wisdom of story and experience.

In the sermon this morning, I use a lyric from the song Interstate Gospel by the Pistol Annies. You can hear it on Spotify here or on Youtube here.

To learn more about our Bishop-elect, The Rev. Kym Lucas, and to read her statement following her election, go here.

The story I tell about Representative John Lewis is from his book Walking with the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement. You can buy it on Amazon here. And by all means, please vote on November 6th.

The book I refer to in my sermon is Strip: The making of a Feminist by Catlyn Ladd. You can buy it on Amazon here. If women’s issues are your thing, and they should be, you will love it.

Today's recording begins with a comment before the reading of the Gospel. My remarks are by way of context and to suggest a different way of hearing the Gospel. Thanks for listening. 

I used a line from the song "Sacred Yard" by singer-songwriter Mitch Barrett with harmonies by Melody Youngblood. They were performing at “Little Tree Acoustic House Concerts” in Lafayette, CO. Thank you to Mitch & Melody and to Little Tree for bringing live music in an intimate setting to the metro area. To find out more about Little Tree visit or Mitch Barrett visit

A note the August 12th sermon. I misspoke and got the names mixed up. There are four main characters in the story: King David, his oldest son Amnon, and his son and daughter Absalom and Tamar. Amnon is the one who raped Tamar, his half sister. Absalom, her full brother, is the one who avenged her by killing Amnon.

I am really sorry about the gap in audios here. We had some technical difficulties and I was out of town a couple of weeks. But please know that the sermons I was not able to record were some the best ones I've ever preached. :) Thanks for listening. God bless you all. Allan+

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