Giving back to a giver

I have a friend who has been recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Her medical care is very costly and she is self insured so she doesn't have the best coverage. In addition, a few weeks ago, she lost her job. She has been aggressively looking for a new job but it is taking some time and she has to be rather selective due to her disability. She has a huge heart and has always done lots of service work. She is a runner and has run marathons and half marathons for several causes including mental illness awareness (NAMI) and several cancer causes. She gives so much to so many people, I felt that it was time to give her something to ease her journey. She cried when I told her and she said she is very humbled. She is planning on using the gift to pay medical expenses and told me to say many thanks and that she will absolutely pay it forward when she is back on her feet. Thank you for the opportunity to help a woman with a beautiful spirit that deserves a bit of love and care. What a beautiful program, thank you.

-- Martha Levine