Aiding Burmese refugees

We are not members of St. Paul's, but we attended a Nishma service when you distributed this money as part of Love Forward. It is such a great idea. My husband and I have been working with refugees in the Denver area and decided to donate the money we received to a group called Project Worthmore. They are located in Aurora and mostly support the many refugees who have come from Burma. One of their successful projects has been to give these refugees access to healthy foods through community farming. Many of the Burmese refugees were farmers and gain a sense of purpose from working at these farms. Currently, Project Worthmore is raising funds to buy a farm. We doubled the $30 you gave us to $60 and then donated at a time when they had a matching grant. The $30 from Love Forward grew to a $120 donation to Project Worthmore! Thank you so much for this generous and heartfelt gift.

 - Carolyn E.