Helping those at Standing Rock

I waited and waited to feel called to give the money in my LOVE FORWARD envelope away. This week, a friend told me he was going up to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to bring them warm clothes, sleeping bags, and whatever else they needed for their protest. All of the people I have heard speak about what is going on in North Dakota say that it has been a spiritual renewal for the people protesting, that they have found themselves praying and singing and supporting each other, and that it is helping them to heal wounds from centuries of oppression. I wanted to love them forward because what they are doing in brining the Nations together has not been done since Little Big Horn and their prayerful and non-violent protest feels like something Jesus would do. And by giving the money to someone I know, and telling him where it came from, I was able to ask him to let the people know when he brought the things they needed that a little of the money had come to them through the Love Forward campaign.