These are your stories... 

Last night we went on a detour to Walgreens. It was quite cold and snowing. I stayed in the care while Dee ran in to pick up a few things. Across from our car there was a young man sitting on a bench with his dog – I figured he was waiting on someone like I was to come out of the store. Sure enough a couple came out and shared their bag but then left. A minute later another young woman came out and offered a couple of dollars and emptied her wallet of change to give to this young man before leaving. At this point it was clear he was looking for help and I got out of the car and we introduced ourselves. Ian is from Michigan. He had travelled with his girlfriend but things fell apart with her and the people they were staying with. He had no place to go. Of course, I didn’t have my Love Forward cash with me but I did happen to have exactly $10 in my wallet (I never, ever carry cash). I wish I could tell you that I was eloquent in telling him about Love Forward. I wasn’t. Instead, he looked me in the eyes, shook my hand, thanked me and asked for God to Bless me. We talked for a bit more about what he was going to do and if he wanted something to eat (Burger King was across the street). He said he would be okay but asked me to pray for him. Here is someone who is obviously suffering but has the presence to up lift me while I am stumbling for the right things to say. For me, the Holy Spirit took over as I grabbed some blankets from our trunk to give Ian and his dog and tell him that I would pray for him and ask for God’s blessings for him. I closed my trunk and by the time I turned back he was gone. Ian, God Bless you and watch over you. I am praying for your safety and shelter for the both of you.
— Steve M.
I waited and waited to feel called to give the money in my LOVE FORWARD envelope away. This week, a friend told me he was going up to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to bring them warm clothes, sleeping bags, and whatever else they needed for their protest. All of the people I have heard speak about what is going on in North Dakota say that it has been a spiritual renewal for the people protesting, that they have found themselves praying and singing and supporting each other, and that it is helping them to heal wounds from centuries of oppression. I wanted to love them forward because what they are doing in brining the Nations together has not been done since Little Big Horn and their prayerful and non-violent protest feels like something Jesus would do. And by giving the money to someone I know, and telling him where it came from, I was able to ask him to let the people know when he brought the things they needed that a little of the money had come to them through the Love Forward campaign.

Standing in the grocery line at KingSoopers, a woman and two small children were at a different cash register. I continued on my line and kept my eye on the woman with the two kids because after ringing up the groceries some items weren being subtracted. She had limited financial resources. People in line were getting frustrated to see this and the kids were getting restless. I pulled the envelope from my pocket and after paying for my groceries, I walked over to her. Told her about our church asking us to give the money to someone and you are that person. She looked at the ten dollars and her face showed gratitude and it appeared like i gave her 100 dollars. I walked away feeling good that i was given this opportunity since I’ve been carrying the envelope for a long time. Am happy God put this person on my path.

We are not members of St. Paul’s, but we attended a Nishma service when you distributed this money as part of Love Forward. It is such a great idea. My husband and I have been working with refugees in the Denver area and decided to donate the money we received to a group called Project Worthmore. They are located in Aurora and mostly support the many refugees who have come from Burma. One of their successful projects has been to give these refugees access to healthy foods through community farming. Many of the Burmese refugees were farmers and gain a sense of purpose from working at these farms. Currently, Project Worthmore is raising funds to buy a farm. We doubled the $30 you gave us to $60 and then donated at a time when they had a matching grant. The $30 from Love Forward grew to a $120 donation to Project Worthmore! Thank you so much for this generous and heartfelt gift.
— Carolyn E.