Greeting You

At St. Paul’s, we are a family, an equitable, loving, and beloved community in faith with an incredible group of smiling, kind individuals who contribute to doing so many different things in our community, from providing meals to leading ministries to serving on our vestry. Each and every one of us is waiting to greet you at the door and in the pews when you join us. Take a look at some of the people just waiting to meet you!


Nancy Smith

Nancy has been a member at St. Paul’s for 39 years. She recently finished her term as the Senior Warden of our Vestry. Nancy has been married for 48 years, and she has two children with four grandchildren between them. She loves to see the children and youth in our community, as she is a retired elementary physical education teacher, having taught in the Denver Public School system for 30 years. She enjoys travelling to keep in touch with old friends and can usually be found with a book in her hand.

Nancy’s favorite part about St. Paul’s is the people, being part of the Eiber Neighborhood Association, working with the outreach development group, and having been involved with the leadership team at St. Paul’s. “I feel like we are making at least a small difference in the world.”

Greetings to you from Nancy!


Ret North

Ret has been a member at St. Paul’s for a little over a year. They work as our Director of Media Ministries, keeping an active role on the other side of St. Paul’s screens by maintaining and rocking our website and our FaceBook page as well as taking pictures in church and at community events. Ret recently graduated from Lakewood High School and is currently pursuing a music degree at the University of Northern Colorado. They are a devoted cellist and full-time musician and perform regularly at Nishma and at the 10:30 services at St. Paul’s.

Ret’s favorite part about St. Paul’s is the relevance of the community, of the preaching, and of the opportunities for worship at St. Paul’s. “I have found my spiritual identity, a church family, and I can say without any shadow of doubt that I see fulfillment in my life because of the way I worship here and the community I have found here.”

Greetings to you from Ret!


Joe Montano

Joe has been our sexton at St. Paul’s for almost twenty years. He does a truly exceptional job taking care of our building and grounds with the help of his family.

Joe has two favorite things that he loves about St. Paul’s, the first part being the people. “Nobody can tell me who to be friends with because I love everybody. It doesn’t matter, I just love everyone.” Joe also claims to have “the best parking spot in the joint.”

Greetings to you from Joe!