Follow the path of Jesus

The Stations of the Cross are an ancient form of Christian devotion originally observed by pilgrims visiting the Holy Land and popularized by the Franciscans when they were given custody of the holy sites in Jerusalem in the 14th Century. The Stations follow the path that
Jesus was forced to take from Pilate's Judgment Hall to Calvary, continued by the disciples who took his lifeless body from there to the tomb. Moving from station to station, following
the events in the words of scripture and letting the prayers draw us into the narrative, we are
invited to grow closer to Christ by embracing the mystery of suffering in the world.

By joining Christ on this transformative journey, we learn to become his disciples to a hurting world. Many different prayers and readings have been developed for this devotion, which can be said as a private form of prayer or as a public liturgy on Fridays in Lent. At St. Paul's, we are fortunate to have a beautiful set of plaques depicting the Stations of the Cross gifted to us for this devotion.

For the upcoming season of Lent, we offer opportunities for experiencing the Stations in two ways: 1) with a personal guide or 2) walk the stations on your own with a printed guide for prayer and meditation. We have two booklets available, one based on Saint Augustine's Prayer Book and the other a simple, intimate and powerful classic by Clarence Enzler.

Join us every Friday at 5:30 pm at St. Paul's for Stations of the Cross, and follow the path of Jesus through this meditative and transformative experience.